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Le Gamin Lily, by ATMann 2015

ATMann Mandala Calendar 2011 by Pomegranate

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And the 2012 Mandalas by A T Mann Calendar

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Aries - Stonehenge  Taurus - Great Pyramid  Gemini - Memory Theatre  Cancer - Jain Cosmos

Leo - Bruno Mnenmocosmic Mandala  Virgo - Sri Yantra  Libra - I Ching  Scorpio - Tibetan Buddhist Mahakala Mandala

Sagittarius - Aztec Sun Disk  Capricorn - Tree of Life  Aquarius - Astrology  Pisces - Chartres Rose Window

Twelve Mandalas

(Set of Paintings, Ink and Water Color on Board, 1975)

My Twelve Mandalas are now available as the ATMann Mandala Calendar in 2011 by Pomegranate.

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The paintings are mandalas based on major religious, philosophical and cosmological systems, which were all created and organized using the square and the circle. They relate to the astrological signs by their qualities, numerology and symbolism. The paintings were first exhibited in London in 1976 at the First Festival of Mind and Body, in 1996 in Copenhagen at AstrologiHuset and the originals live in Majorca. They were published as cards in1975, appeared in many of my books (1979, 1986, 1993, 1995), in magazines, and were serialized in the Dutch journal BRES in the early 1980s. The original paintings are 48 x 66 cm.


NEW: ATMann Mandalas as giclée prints!

 1976-1977 KALA CALENDAR original Giclée prints

I am now offering Giclée prints of some of my most beautiful mandalas. The Kala Calendar 1976-1977 is one of the best examples of my mandala calendar from the 70s; intricate, with complex geometry and including a calendar for eight different religions/cultures and the signature magical plants for the twelve zodiac signs along the borders. The giclee is 17" x 24" on thick and beautiful paper. Suitable for framing, order one signed by A T Mann for $500 excluding p&p. Other paintings will soon be available.

The Kala Calendar 1973-1974 was my first one-page calendar with lunar phases, moon signs, zodiacal months, elemental weather, and twelve Mandala Astrological Tarot cards. We printed 200 of them and hand-colored a few. This is the original one I painted as a Giclée print. It is 17" x 23" on thick watercolor paper, suitable for framing, signed by A T Mann for $500 excluding p&p.

The Baldwin Hill mandala of 1973 is still one of my favorites. It is a study of the four elements, their relationship to the circle and square, with a checkerboard motif flirting with the five-fold geometry of the central pentangle. I painted it in 1973 on my 30th birthday in the Berkshires just before I moved to England for 18 years — and the original still resides in my study in Hudson. The Giclée is 13" x 13" and is printed on thick watercolor paper, suitable for framing, signed by A T Mann for $300, excluding p&p.

The Roots of Sustainability

Book by David Cadman, Trustee of The Prince's Foundation

Economist and Temenos director David Cadman's book in The Prince's Foundation series (Patron is Prince Charles) exploring the relationship between our economic, environmental, and social lives.

Included is a drawing by AT Mann of the spiral rose window at Chartres Cathedral on p. 9.

Available from The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment

Spiral Solar System

This design of the Spiral Solar System was made for my book "The Round Art" in 1977. I am offering high resolution prints 13" x 19" suitable for framing on archival Epson paper. You can pay by PayPal. Recently NASA/IBEX project released photos of the solar system's tail, which validates this old idea....

My 1978 drawing of "Nested Kepler Solids" is Kepler's scheme for the geometry of the planets in the solar system as nested Platonic solids within a succession of embedded spheres.

MDTalisman  Wedding Talisman  SLMTalisman  LSTalisman

Mars Talisman  GTalisman  LSTalisman  

Painted Talismans

LynnRudy Mandala  Ptolemy Talisman  Mandala1 (1971)  22/7ths (1975)  

(Talisman Paintings, Ink and Water Color or Gouache on board)

I paint talismans to commission. The talismans focus energy, integrate disparate principles or influences, provide medititation mandalas for specific purposes or celebrate special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or significant cosmic events. They are specially tailored to the individual(s) who will have and use them, attuned energetically and astrologically. All colors are coded magically and the images are derived from traditional medieval, Egyptian, Kabbalistic, Astrological, Alchemical, Rosicrucian and other mystical languages.

Email AT Mann for information about talisman commissions

Garrett Lisi's revolutionary new Theory of Everything reflects the geometric structure of my mandalas and calendars. This elegant computer-generated model is beautiful and profound.

1972 Kala Calendar  Calendar 1979

Kala Calendar 1973                      Phenomenon Calendar insert 1979

Astrological Calendars

Galaxen Calendar 1995  1975 Phenomenon Calendar

                      Galaxen Astrologisk Kalendar 1995                   Phenomenon Calendar cover 1974

Beginning in 1972 I created astrological calendars for publication. The first KALA calendar (above, upper left) was done in 1972 in the US. When I moved to England in 1973 I became a Director of Phenomenon Publications and we made calendar books (above right and below) until 1981. After that time I did calendars on my own as single-page mandalas of great richness and complexity. In 1995 I made the Galaxen Astrologisk Kalendar (above left) when i lived in Copenhagen. The calendars are based on the astrological year of twelve signs and include many calendar systems (such as Islamic, Hebrew, Christian Saints Days, Chinese, Mayan, Aztec and others), often shown as concentric circles. This points up the true disconnection of our Western Civil Calendar from more natural planetary and natural cycles.

Phenomenon Calendar 1979  Phenomenon Calendar 1979  Maya Glyphs 1979  Center 1977 Calendar

Kala Calendar 1980   Phenomenon 1978

              Kala Calendar 1980           Phenomenon Calendar 1978

FireWater In 1977 I was commissioned to design and paint the opening screens and credits for a film made by Peter Whitehead and produced by Marc Sursock, starring Natalie Delon, The Animals, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, David Hockney, and John Lennon. called "The Fire in the Water."

"Whithead's last film is an alchemical allegory set in the Highlands of Scotland in which a filmmaker reviews his brief movie career while his girlfriend (Natalie Delon) explores the countryside alone. Along with appearances by David Hockney and John Lennon, Whitehead incorporates footage from some of his previous films to fashion a coda to era." (90 min.). Quote from Portland Art Museum, NW Art Center website.

Obviously based on Peter's twin obsessions of rock and roll (and the destruction of a building — an eery foretaste of 9/11 — and his interest in falconry, the film intercuts the experiences of two different people in whose relationship these visuals meet.

See my architectural designs....

A T Mann – Architectural Design & Consultation
Jackson House Project, near Thy, Jylland, Denmark, 1994

Jackson House Energy Dragon  

Feng Shui "dragon" on the siteplan                                           Jackson House, Jylland, Denmark

The Jackson House is an architectural design commission I created while I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark. The clients owned a large property that had for twenty years been the "World University," a live-in school of adult education. The existing building was a typical L-shaped Danish farm building. What is most unique and spectacular about the site is that it is adjacent to an ancient historical site with eight 5000-year-old megalithic burial mounds. (These mounds and their geometry can be seen on this partial plan of the site, which I symbolized by the earth dragon.) The solution was a stone and wood house with a crystal glass greenhouse that refracted the energy of the mounds, which was unique and satisfied the clients.

In 2000 I worked for Shakespeare & Co in Lenox, MA, to help them redesign a site they had bought: to bring some Feng Shui knowledge to the site, to help fine the design of some buildings, including the Founders' Theatre, which was the centerpiece of their development. The above sketch was potential solution to enable people entering the theatre to negotiate a drop in elevation and also to creat a focal point for the entrance, using a spiral garden to "spin" them into the theatre entrance below. I thnk my good friend Tina Packer for the opportunity to help them with their site, which has since become extremely successful and an asset to the Berkshires.


In the 1960s I worked as an architectural designer for Gruzen & Partners in New York and was instrumental in the design of the New York City Police headquarters, subsequently called "One Police Plaza," (above) in lower Manhattan. The design was lauded and in retrospect is seen as one of the most successful civic buildings in New York. I later was principal designer of a housing project, "Lindenwood Low Income Public Housing for Queens, New York," which won a design award from Progressive Architecture magazine in January 1970.

Bua Gua (1976)

Feng Shui Mandala, 1978

See my feng shui/architectural solution

 Major Arcana cards

The Mandala Astrological Tarot

(Set of 78 tarot card paintings, ink and water color on board, 1986 & 1997 & 2009)


The Mandala Astrological Tarot cards were originally painted in 1972 when I returned from living in Morocco and India, and repainted at a large scale in 1986 for publication. They are circular mandala images within square cards. The cards may be rotated and placed on either of the four astrological angles: upright (MC), upside down (IC), leaning left (ASC) and leaning right (DSC). Each card is a stage-set or initiation chamber for a level in the process of achieving wholeness. All colors are coded magically and the images are derived from traditional medieval, Egyptian, Rosicrucian and other mystical languages.

High Priest  MAT Card Back  Magician  Mandala Astrological Tarot deck and book

My Mandala Astrological Tarot interpretations are NOW AVAILABLE at

Mandala Tarot Reading @


  Chakras, Rays and Radionics by David Tansley   Raypaths and Chakra Gateways by David Tansley   Radionics by David Tansley   Pattern of Health by Aubrey Westlake   1975 Phenomenon Calendar

ATMann — Book Cover and Book Designs

Galaxen Magazine cover   Galaxen Magazine cover   Osforte Vitamins   Osforte Vitamins Brochure   Alchemy

The Divine Plot (1986)   The Future of Astrology (1988)   Life Time Astrology (1984)   Mandala Astrological Tarot cover    The Round Art cover

Sacred Sexuality 1995    Sacred Architecture (1993)   Astrology and the Art of Healing (2003)   Astrology and the Art of Healing (1989)   Future of Astrology (2003)

PAA Study Guide 2008    

Design work on behalf of 501(c)(3) non-profit organization NCGR of which I was Publications Director

NCGR Study Guide, United Astrology Conference New Orleans 2012, and NCGR Research Journal I 2010

 Constellation Cards 1994  Mandalas by AT Mann 2013

Fe/Male Link  A New Vision of Astrology 2003  Roof of Europe (cover) 1988

I have designed many book covers (in addition to most of my own books) for sympathetic authors and publishers. "Chakras, Rays and Radionics" and "Ray Paths and Chakra Gateways" were both designed for my friend David Tansley, the premier radionic practitioner and theorist of our era. The covers reflect graphic healing concepts because radionics is healing with patterns.

UAC2012 Program Guide

The UAC2012 New Orleans conference program guide

email A T Mann for graphic design commissions

Mandala Books/Allen & Unwin Genese Supplements  Det Ukendte Publishers

     Galaxen Magazine   TaoStar

ATMann — Logo Designs

Wellspring Vitamins Elmebech ApS Accountants The Art of the Possible LenaKold

 Scanlase Medical Technology  Susanne FengShui MathesisMagic

I have designed many logos for companies created by individuals or organizations who also have a spiritual agenda and want their corporate image to reflect both business and spirit. These logos contain or are based on archetypal symbols and geometries and therefore evoke powerful identification. Genese manufactures a vitamin/mineral formulation for osteoporosis and is primarily for women, therefore its symbol is a double lotus. Galaxen magazine used the Milky Way Galaxy. Wellspring Vitamins combined the double helix of the dna molecule within the caduceus, showing the organic quality of the minerals. Elmebech alternative accountants in Copenhagen shows the elm tree of its location street and the ideas of solidity and firm roots and also the Egyptian hieroglyph for "flow." The Art of the Possible logo utilizes an infinity symbol in its design. ScanLase dental lasers utilize an ancient Vedic sun symbol.

email me or call (917) 596-2108 for graphic design commission consultations

Sacred Design:
The Essential Astrological Component

By A. T. Mann

A lecture presented at the "Making Sacred Places" Conference 1997

University of Cincinnati School of Architecture, Hebrew Union College and Old Saint George

In an unexpected way my interest in astrology reactivated my earlier quest to understand architecture and the mysteries of number, proportion and form, and provided the underlying mystical tradition for which I had searched in vain since childhood. My astrological practice demonstrated beyond doubt that the three dimensions of traditional architecture (height, length and breadth) were often subsumed with the fourth and most powerful dimension, time. Indeed, sacred architecture is an integration of space and time, earth and heaven, and at its most profound accesses the timeless. And yet time was not discussed in my education.

The unique and mystical mathematical proportions of the human lifetime and psyche synchronise with planetary rhythms and geometry, as Plato, Pythagoras and the Hermeticists insisted. Geometry and number are the primary source of magical thought, linking humanity to cosmos. Magic circles, mandalas, meditation diagrams, healing spaces, as well as sacred megaliths and stone circles, all have architectural origins and foundations but sacred causes. Some Indian and Buddhist yantras (meditation diagrams) are literally temple complexes or cosmoses as seen from above.

The architecture I consider sacred is that which has a common root in the life of the soul and spiritual vision, rather than that which contains religious forms. Symbolism and meaning in architecture are more important than aesthetics.

To read the text of this lecture, complete with illustrations, click here:

"Designing Desires" Workshop

A group workshop at Doors of Perception 3, Amsterdam, November 1995

By A T Mann (Group Leader)

The Netherlands Design Institute, Domus Academy of Milan, the Royal College of Art, London and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology co-sonsored the "Doors of Perception 3 Conference" in Amsterdam in November 1995. The workshops and conference explored ways in which information technology and design can contribute to sustainability, specifically the mental and material changes that must be made in order to achieve a sustainable future. The purpose of the workshops was to create various info-eco scenarios that could be used by design schools and designers in the future. I was invited to run one of the twelve Professional Design Workshops.

knowledge . . .

I called the workshop "Designing Desires: Fluid Functionality and Less as More." The brief was: "We blame consumerism for its wastefulness, but what can we learn from the numerous and subtle ways in which it stimulates our desires? What new ideals can inform the way we cultivate desire with our product design and guide us to a more sustainable future? How can we do more than just marvel at the psychological power of status symbols, fashion and fetishism to generate demand?"

Some of the phrases we discovered that were prevelant in advertising to encourage us to buy things instead of live:

"Adventure is a pair of boots."

"Variety is a clean pair of underpants."

"Can giving her a diamond ring compensate for your absence?"

"Is giving your child a computer better than your wisdom?"

Which then led us to ask some vital questions about our current world of commerce:

"Can we acquire wisdom through material goods?"

"Can we acquire wisdom through artifical experience?"

"Do we learn to take risks through a simulation?"

"What do we learn from virtual reality?"

"Can the young teach the old?"

"Can the old teach the young?"


See ATMann's description of the workshop

The Astrological Memory Theater

(Excerpt from my book "Sacred Architecture," Vega/Sterling, 2002)

Fludd Memory Theatre

Robert Fludd's Theater of the World

The Art of Memory was considered by the Greeks as an essential part of education. Their goddess Mnemosyne (Memory) was the mother of the Muses, a position that reflected the importance of an accurate and efficient memory in those times. Until the invention of printing in the 14 Century, the primary way one could gain access to information was by word of mouth. There were few manuscripts to record information and very few individuals could read them. Once one having heard a play, or story, or the recounting of a battle, the only way to store it was in the memory. This required a memory art, which the Greeks based on techniques of creating a series of 'places' and 'images' in the mind.

Astrology is the foundation of the "round art" of memory as architecture is of the "square art". My work integrates these memory arts into dynamic processes we may integrate into our lives.

See the entire article by clicking here

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