King Scale of Color

Use the King Scale of Color in Win Star Plus, Win Star Express and Solar Fire by A T Mann

It is natural to correlate the sequence of colors in the spectrum of visible light and the sequence of zodiac signs during the solar year from spring equinox through the seasons back to the following spring equinox. In an interesting way this parallels the progression of the colors in nature. In spring the reddish buds gradually grow toward ripening in green, then nature starts to go into hibernation towards the bluish/violet part of the spectrum.

Aries                                                                      Pisces

The great natural scientist Johann von Goethe originally devised the idea of a circular scale of alternating primary (RYB) and secondary (OGV) colors. In the early 20th Century the Golden Dawn (including Aleister Crowley, who released it) used the King Scale of Color as their preeminent magical color system. Although used for all kinds of associations and correspondences, its primary logic becomes crystal clear in astrology.

Imagine that this color scale below associates with the archetypal zodiac sign/house system. The King Scale colors the signs beginning with Aries with the color spectrum ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Thus:

Aries = Red = Mars
Taurus = Red-Orange
Gemini = Orange = Mercury
Cancer = Yellow-Orange (Amber)
Leo = Yellow = Sun
Virgo = Yellow-Green
Libra = Green = Venus
Scorpio = Blue-Green (Turquoise)
Sagittarius = Blue = Jupiter
Capricorn = Indigo
Aquarius = Violet = Saturn
Pisces = Red-Violet

From Aries to Sagittarius the primary colors skip so that the fire signs are "primary" and the air signs are "secondary" colors. Reflecting the increasing density and compaction of the blue end of the spectrum, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius are Blue, Indigo and Violet. Indeed some consider Indigo to be a blend of Blue-Violet in a six color spectrum.

This configuration reflects some very interesting qualities. The fire signs are the three primary colors — red (Aries), yellow (Leo) and blue (Sagittarius)— which, when added together, produce white. I happen to be quite biased as my Moon, Sun and ASC are those three signs, but that might be why I advocate this arrangement.

The air signs are mixtures of the fire signs on either side (Gemini=orange is midway between Aries=red and Leo=Yellow) and Libra=green is a blend of Leo=yellow and Sagittarius=blue). Opposite signs are isomorphic colors: Red (Aries) and Green (Libra), meaning that they are color opposites.

Most intriguingly, the colors of the signs correspond to the colors of the ruling planets of the positive (fire and air) signs. For example, red corresponds to Aries and its ruler Mars; green to Libra and its ruler Venus; blue is Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter; etc.

When you apply the King Scale to the individual horoscope, you can see that certain colors are activated and others aren’t. This might correspond to one’s “favorite” color or those one does not feel comfortable with.

To use the King Scale of Color with Win Star Plus put the file KINGCP.CKY in the WSTAR20 directory and for Win Star Express in the MATRIX directory and select under OPTIONS/COLORS the Color Scheme VGA64k KingScaleCP and click OK.

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