ISAR E-Zine Volume #885
Issue: 885 Sunday March 13, 2016

Further to Brad and Ray Merriman

By A.T. Mann

I fully support Ray’s response to Brad’s article about prediction and just wanted to elaborate a bit and mention some similar dynamics. Having discovered an unusual technique for seeing one’s astrological life process from conception through the life cycle around the chart in the houses, which I call “Life Time Astrology,” it became clear that future influences were best considered opportunities to grow and resolve earlier issues, rather than sentences to a rigid fate. Many clients’ charts displayed planetary influences years, if not decades beyond their current age. This forced me to consider the implications of talking with clients about influences and events so far into the future that they seemed to be “predictions,” just as were progressions, solar arcs and transits. Of course, being birth charts, that imprint carries the potential unfolding of our lives within our karmic being.

After much experience, I realized that what my clients tended to want from readings were multifold. On the one hand, they wanted to understand past influences associated with planetary constellations that described early events in gestation and childhood as “causes” of their behavioral patterns, and that these patterns were likely to continue in various forms throughout the duration of their lives. The circular geometry and timing of astrology charts allowed one to discover and describe the typical times in life “when” these early influences were likely to recur, as well as seeing “what” they were likely to manifest in terms of behavioral patterns, potential ranges of actions, and what they might entail. However I realized that despite our rigidity, we continually change, evolve or regress, and that such influences can either be interiorized within us or expressed in the outer world. We have a huge range of choices available, all of the time, however most people do not realize this. For my clients, understanding the range of available options, far from creating fear of the future, allowed them opportunities to understand, embrace or even work with those influences, especially difficult ones. Indeed it seemed that those with the most difficult charts were often the most creative individuals in that their work often utilized difficulties and parlayed them into works of art, creative or financial success. Having worked in London with many therapists of all kinds, I realized that the recurrences of early planetary influences could be understood by individuals as well as their therapists and could therefore pinpoint when and even how it would be appropriate to therapeutically work with those influences in positive ways.

Yearly (predictive) Updates show clients the “timing” of their range of inner and outer influences based on planetary movements, and how they may either resonate with cosmic rhythms or interfere with them. The choice remains with them. Even retrograde motions show when to move ahead or pull back and go deeper. In time, most discover that they are better off working with the cosmic rhythms rather than ignoring or resisting them, and in the process gradually learned more and more about the workings of astrology, as well as about themselves. As Buddhism has taught me, it is less important “what happened” than how we choose to hold and evaluate early memories and learn to release them. In my mind, our work as astrologers is to help make clients mindful of “their own lives in time” and for that we deliver a very valuable service. I impress on my clients that we can change our minds more easily than change our past, therefore we are always free to see the wisdom of life and work with what we carry within.

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